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Whilst all our manufacturers take great care to ensure our hardtops and tonneau covers are as watertight as possible, no hardtop will be gauranteed fully waterproof. More often than not on a lot of pick-ups, for example the Ford Ranger, the load bed itself often has areas that are not completely sealed making it very difficult for an watertight fitment overall. If you are at all concerned about water ingress on a particular product please contact us and one of our sales team will be happy to advise.weatherproof 1

The vast majoirty of our hardtops are fitted to the vehicle bed via a clamp system with no drilling required. A neoprene rubber seal is fitted between the canopy shell and edge of the load bed to prevent damage and reduce water ingress. Our canopys offer a range of electrical features including high level brake lights, LED interior light and central locking integration.maintenance 1

In most cases, your hardtop canopy will not fit onto another truck because truckload beds come in all different shapes and sizes. Every hardtop is made and designed specifically for each vehicle to ensure it looks and fits the vehicle the best it can on your 4×4 truck.

With this being said there is one exception in the 4×4 market the Mitsubishi L200 Pick-up and Fiat Fullback pick-up because the bed size and shape are the same !  Meaning that if you have a hardtop on your L200 and want to put it on your Fiat Fullback you can do so or vice versa.

Lastly, the colors on the Mitsubishi L200 and Fiat fullback are mostly the same meaning they are cross-compatible although the color codes themself will be different. If you would like to learn more about this please click this link to our color code blog.exchange swap position object align distribute arrange 4 19302 1

The color of any hardtop canopy will vary slightly to your vehicle because hardtops are made out of fiberglass and the truck is made out of metal so there will sometimes be a slight difference, to ensure the best color match possible we offer a print to order service, upon choosing this service we will send you to spray out cards with a couple of different shades of your color and you can let us know which shade is closest to you vehicle as even the vehicle can vary in the shade of the color, for example, a Ford Ranger 2012 in sea grey can be a couple of shades different to a Ford Ranger 2019 this is why the color match is never 100% guaranteed to match.

If you are after the best color match possible and don’t want to opt-in for the paint to order there is one brand of canopy that is made out of ABS plastic meaning that the color match can be closer to your vehicle as it is not fiberglass with that being said the vehicle its self can always vary slightly.

All in all the color of any hardtop canopy will be very close to the color of your vehicle in the 95% range, some are better than others because of the variables I have talked about above but even in the worst case the color match is very acceptable for a third party product.airbrush icons noun project 1

The time it takes to install your hardtop onto your vehicle can vary from 1hr-3hr depending on the features your hardtop has.

Every hardtop has a clamping system to hold the canopy on, most commonly it is 6 clamps (3 on the left n 3 on the right) this is a straight forward and easy job, make sure the clamps are spaced out evenly and are tightened down evenly to ensure the rubber seal between the truck bed and canopy can seal correctly

Most hardtops will have a high-level brake light that needs to be wired into the existing rear light on your vehicle, to do this you need to locate the two wires coming off the canopy( positive and negative ) and connect them into the rear cluster on your existing rear brake light.

Some hardtops will come with central locking these are more complex as you need to run the central locking wires under the vehicle and wire them into the central locking system this can be a more specialist job

With all the above being said most hardtops can be fitted by the customer.170 1705799 eli seeder agri smar100x100 1

The weight of a hardtop can vary from 60kg-100kg depending on the vehicle it is for and what material it is made out of, some canopies are made out of fiberglass, ABS plastic but others can still be made out of metal hence the wide range

Another thing that changes the weight of a hardtop is if it has solid sides or glass windows and if it is the same hight as the pick-up or taller because there are worksman canopies that are larger for extra storage.accessories 1

We aim to dispatch all hardtops the same day as the order has been placed on a 3-5 working day service via a pallet network. If you are looking to collect this can be arranged with an hours notice assuming the hardtop is in stock.

If you taking advantage of the paint to order service we offer, this is typically on a 2 week lead time from placing the order and will be collected, fitted, or delivered within the 3rd week depending on what you have chosen.

Lastly, if you are looking to place a factory order because the hardtop your choice is not currently available this will be a 10-12 week lead time from when the order has been placed. We only require a deposit payment to confrim factory orders.design 1

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